Case Study: Consulting Resources

Client: Financial Services Company


Provide quality analysts and .NET developers to existing teams for the purpose of scaling development.

Providing Customized Employees to Established Teams

Our client is a financial services company based in Omaha, Nebraska that continuously looks for new and better ways to deliver products and services to its customers by upgrading technologies for added speed and convenience. This client undertook a large scale development effort to upgrade critical systems which included; loan origination, financials, enterprise supporting services, and many more. This effort involved both updating the technology stack as well as making core systems multi-tenant.

In order to scale up development, the client partnered with LyncStream to find pivotal .NET developers and analysts for the purpose of supplementing their current internal teams. LyncStream was able to provide a large collection of skilled and talented individuals in the .NET space, saving the time and effort which would normally be required on the part of the client to acquire such a large pool of individuals. The client was then able to choose the persons who best fit the company’s needs and integrate them into its internal teams.

LyncStream also went above and beyond to find developers and business analysts that not only met the client’s high level of standards regarding technical proficiency, but who also aligned well with the company’s culture, values and objectives. LyncStream takes great care to hire individuals who have unparalleled interpersonal and technological skills. As a result of the quality and diversity of services provided on the part of LyncStream, the client was able to achieve their varied development goals.