Middle Market

Focus on What You Do Best

In the same way you don’t hire an internal law firm, you don’t need to hire your own internal software development team.

When you work with LyncStream, you’re partnering with an onshore, local development team. This leaves you to focus on what your business does best.

We specialize in recruiting and retaining the top software development talent. We work with a wide range of technical expertise, so we can pull in the right talent talent at the right time to deliver the right solution for your business.

Working with us

When you work with LyncStream as your software development firm, you’re benefiting from all our technology expertise and you have the flexibility to customize your software development team.
Diversified Resources

When you work with LyncStream, you’re hiring a wide range of skill sets instead of hiring only one or two employees with limited skill sets.

Scale On Demand

Scale development up and down on demand versus being stuck with a fixed cost even when you don’t have active projects.

Onshore Development

Unlike many external development teams, LyncStream is onshore and located in the heart of the US and ready to partner with your business.

Typical Services Used with Middle Markets

IT Assessment

In-depth, comprehensive and actionable insight into your IT needs

Custom Development

Technology solutions tailored to fit your business’ precise needs

Are you middle market business looking to hire an external software development team?

Let us help you implement cutting edge technology to drive your business