Server Side Technology

Our core competency is building custom solutions using Microsoft .NET, .NET Core and NodeJS. We cater our technology solutions to the needs of our customers’ existing technology infrastructure.

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Front End Services

We build custom web applications using modern front-end technology including HTML, CSS and Sass. We use a wide variety of JavaScript frameworks including jQuery, Angular, ReactJS, Backbone and Electron.


LyncStream builds custom mobile applications using Swift, Kotlin and Xamarin. We help manage all the complexity that goes along with bringing your product to market. We manage app store accounts for both iOS and Android.

Developer Operations

Let us manage the full life cycle of your application. We help with CD and CI using the latest technology from Microsoft Azure, Microsoft DevOps and RedGate.

Communication Experts

We help communicate with remote teams and help your project stay on track.

Database Technology

We work with a variety of data stores including MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Reddis and MongoDB.