Software Support

Whether you need to maintain the current solution you’ve created or you want to enhance your software to the next level – we’re here to help.

The porting of a legacy system to a modern computer program or the hosting of your software solution through the cloud or server-side are various different ways we support all your software needs.

Software Enhancements

Adding a new feature or function to an existing software solution may be essential to keeping your business model thriving. It could be an ever-changing external environment or implementing a business policy change, enhancements and iterations will forever be a staple of this digital world in which we live.


Maintenance is always required for any software platform, ie. Porting operational software to an alternative hardware or taking your solution to the cloud, or continual changes in operating systems and third-party components and libraries. Maintenance software projects vary in size and complexity and planning for them can be complicated because so many variables are at play.

We’re here to help you address current maintenance needs and prepare for future maintenance hurdles that you may come across. Planning properly can make or break your companies’ future.


There are various strategies for software modernization and we can help you assess them all. We know what’s most important, and that is you retaining and extending the value of your initial software investment. We will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure changes to platforms will ultimately protect your software investment while fully taking advantage of the new technologies available.

Modernization is often a risky process and therefore, we work closely with you to ensure the approach you choose mitigates these risks from both a technology and business perspective. We first analyze your existing portfolio, identify key stakeholders, understand the target technology, define the strategy and costs associated, estimate resources and associated costs and help you determine the best options available based on your setup.

There is no one-stop solution that fits all modernization needs. It’s our job to help you understand the intricacies of various modernization techniques and assist in finding the right modernization approach based on your company, customer solution, and environment.


Whether it be hosting applications, databases, or websites – if you own a business, hosting is a necessity and is no longer an optional luxury. Word-of-mouth only gets you so far in the internet era. Whether it be shared web hosting, applications, dedicated servers, VPS hosting or business hosting – we support all options. Our focus is to ensure that the necessary stability and performance, in the form of virtual or dedicated resources, are all there for you at your fingertips both day and night.

Our multitude of hosting solutions help ensure that your business is scalable from day one. With a multitude of pricing options – we can find the best fit for your needs. We ensure you can work with whichever Customer Management Solution (CMS) platform you prefer or are already using – WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, etc. We work with you to dynamically scale your website to ensure, not only high levels of availability, scalability, and redundancy but also the best performance possible.