Consulting Resources

Consulting Resources

WE ARE DEVELOPERS, not recruiters!

We provide our clients access to a network of readily available, proven developers who are dedicated to solving complex issues with innovative solutions. Our team of developers screen and evaluate all of our consultants before they can work with our clients, we don’t use canned assessment tests.

Our focus on technology consulting solutions enables us to provide our clients with in-depth expertise and avoid the fallacy of being the jack of all trades but master of none. Because of this, you won’t waste time sifting through mediocre resumes or fielding hundreds of calls from recruiters seeking to fulfill quotas and interviewing unqualified talent. Our clients also have access to our cloud development services.


Developer Network

Don’t wait 30 days or more to find the right developer. Whether you need one or more developers you can trust that we’ll have the talent you need to ramp up when you’re ready.

Proven Developers

Our developers have either worked for us in the past or have gone through an extensive professional background check and have passed our patented skills assessment (created, given and checked by senior level developers).

Peace of Mind

We have an industry reputation built upon client trust. Our clients trust LyncStream because we deliver excellent code, every time. To request case studies email us at

Java, Open Source and Mobile Experts

Our network of proven developers and in depth knowledge of the technology market enables us to source top talent in the Java, Mobile and Open Source community.