Custom Development

We specialize in developing technology solutions tailored to fit your business’ precise needs.

We provide innovative solutions which increase productivity and collaboration by automating business processes for organizations of every size and industry. Our clients know whether they are trying to formulate ideas into action, or have already begun a development project, that our team has the business acumen and technical expertise to help them bring their project to fruition.

Creating useful software is more than just writing code. It involves best practices around all areas of developer operations, including process management, quality controls, business analysis and source control management. With decades of experience building enterprise software solutions we bring the entire suite of skills required to execute quality custom software projects. From idea to production release LyncStream can handle the entire application life cycle management, or augment critical roles on your next project.


Solution Provider

What we provide beyond custom software are real world solutions to your business challenges. Taking the time first and foremost to understand our customers’ business needs ensures we provide the most effective and profitable custom solution for our clients.

Quality Software

We take pride in the craftsmanship we put into every project we start. Going the extra mile the first time ensures we provide the highest quality solution to all of our clients.


Only through open and direct communication can a team come together to provide a successful technical implementation to complex business needs. Open and honest communication is essential to any project completion and is what you can expect when you choose LyncStream as your Technology Partner.