How much does it cost to hire a senior full stack .NET web developer?

You need to hire a full stack .NET developer on a full-time basis. The question is, how much is it going to cost? The research below attempts to outline the annual cost an organization can expect to pay for a senior level full stack .NET web developer. It does not consider the cost of turnover, management of resources, the time it takes to find a resource, or the risk of a bad hire.

The total annual cost to hire a senior full stack .NET web developer is approximately $194,217, including base salary and additional costs. Additional costs for hiring a senior full stack .NET web developer can be over 80% more than the base salary. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the influencing factors behind those numbers.



The salary for a full-time senior full stack .NET web developer can vary, especially based on the company and the location of the job. In researching salaries, we found that “full stack” and “.NET” were usually not mentioned together for salary purposes. A full stack developer has a higher salary, so we have used that one for our calculations, but note that .NET alone is approximately $5,000 less. According to Indeed, the salary of a senior full stack developer is about $107,000.

Required Costs

There are a number of costs that a company will have to plan for when hiring any full-time employee. FICA taxes will be 6.2% of the employee’s salary. The process of recruiting IT professionals can range from around $9,777 to $19,219 per hire. Additionally, HR costs tend to be around 5% of an employee’s salary.

Optional Costs

Benefits are an optional cost for the employer, but they will be unlikely to make a quality hire without offering them. The cost of benefits can vary based upon the benefits offered, which are often things like health insurance, which may or may not include vision and dental insurance, 401k matching, paid vacation, tuition assistance, and others. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as reported by Synergis, the overall cost of benefits averages around 31% of an employee’s salary. Additionally, for this salary level, annual bonuses range from around 15%-20% of the employee’s salary.

Soft Costs

Paying a salary isn’t the only expense you have to worry about when making a full-time hire. There is a wide range of potential soft costs employers must plan on for each on-premise employee they hire. These costs include items like hardware, software, office space, and others. See estimates of these annual costs below:


Hardware: $1100
Software: $3400


Office space: $2640
Electricity: $500
Equipment/connectivity: $1200


Total salary: $107,000
FICA: $6634
Recruitment: $14,498 (the middle of the range)
HR: $5,350
Benefits: $33,170
Bonus: $18,725 (using the middle of the percentage range)
Equipment: $4500
Office: $4340
Total annual costs: $194,217
Costs above salary: $87,214 (81.5% increase)


Overall, while exact costs for hiring a senior full stack .NET web developer can vary based upon the individual company and the location of the job, using industry data gives us a figure of $194,217 for a developer earning $107,000 annually. This is once taxes, benefits, recruitment, bonuses, equipment, and office costs are factored in.

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