Case Study: Full application lifecycle management using rapid application development

Client: Milliman


Streamline process and reduce human capital expense by automating actuarial algorithms for Milliman.


Our client, Milliman, is among the world’s largest providers of actuarial and related products and service.

Milliman Captive Portal

The Captive Manager Portal allows Milliman clients to automatically assess risk for a range of insurance policies based upon employee demographics, risk tolerances and past historical data. This streamlined process saved Milliman countless man hours by automating much of their actuarial algorithms.

Application Lifecycle Management

LyncStream helped Milliman achieve its goals by thoroughly understanding the business needs, bridging the technical gap and delivering on time with our comprehensive end to end application lifecycle management process. Using an iterative approach to development we were able make changes to project control and provide maximum visibility into project direction.

Rapid Application

Development Using LyncStream’s application platform, Axiom, combined with our proven development processes we were able to deliver a high quality solution that would not have been possible using conventional development tools and methodologies.
Axiom provides a wide range of reusable software components that help accelerate line of business application. Instead of spending time “re-inventing the wheel” developers can focus on core business needs. Learn more about the Axiom platform


LyncStream was able to execute this custom software project when other partners were not. They did this by leveraging Milliman’s particular actuarial knowledge and LyncStream’s technical expertise. LyncStream’s reputation is founded upon consistently delivering the right technical solutions that enable our customers to compete and win in their marketplace.