2020 Call for Code Now Dedicated to Fight COVID-19

Open source technology solves problems and changes lives. There’s never been more of a dire need for the solution to a problem than there is during this epidemic. That’s why the the 2020 #callforcode, a revolutionary push created by IBM and United Nations and promoted by everyone from pop-stars to millions of tech gurus, is growing so rapidly. A platform created three years ago was initially dedicated this year to solving climate change, but has shifted directions to solve a more immediate issue, COVID-19, in hopes to save lives.  

Need for Change

COVID-19 has quickly exposed, in a very short period of time, the limits of the systems we take for granted. Whether it’s centered around communication, remote education, cooperation, helping small and big communities distribute limited resources – the problems have all been exposed and open source technology could be the solution to it all. Health agencies, government institutions, scientists, academic institutions are all submitting data and industry insights to address the many problems this epidemic has revealed.

‘To all of the developers, problem solvers, innovators, we need you right now during COVID-19 more than ever — your time, your talent — to use technology and data to change the world before the world changes us, even though it already has. Now is the time to fight back against this coronavirus, to use open source technology, to solve problems at scale, and to save lives. A great technology solution can span the globe and help so many others. I know you know this. I know this is why you do what you do.’ – Lady GaGa


How It Works

Developers and problem solvers around the world are coming together to make an immediate impact on a quickly changing and challenging problem. Once someone has accepted the challenge, they can build with open tech, network with other tech geniuses within the platform to build a strong team and then submit their idea by April 27th for a chance to win $200K and to provide a solution that could change our world. From there, the first three COVID-19 solutions will be chosen by May 5th at IBM Think. The Global Challenge Winners will be announced in October with IBM committing $25 million to develop these new ideas.